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Market analysis, prices, equipment Mucus pro, final product.

Snail mucus and its unique elements are non-ordinary thanks to a snail Mucin protein, such as Collagen, Alantoin, Glycolic and Hyaluronic Acids which are a separate segment of the global pharmaceutical and cosmetic markets.

A dried (lyophilized) snail mucus is one of the most expensive biological substances: its cost varies from 20,000 S to 80,000 $ per 1 kilogram.

Sometimes it is even more expensive than gold! This, of course, is for a pure substance, not to be confused with cheap analogs diluted with various fillers (most often maltodextrin).

World mucus usage occurs today on almost all populated continents, and the largest industrial production is concentrated in Asia (Korea) and Europe (Italy, France).

Today you can still find mucus secretion carried out by hands: with the help of oxidized water or shaking. However, modern safety standards require the elimination of the “human factor” and compliance with production hygiene.

Machine production of shellfish mucus remains the most efficient, productive and safest in achieving the quality product.

Technology of secretion of mollusks’ mucus “Mucus PROfessional” (abbreviated Mucus pro) remains the most optimal for a production cost of living mucus and its quality.

Mucus pro technology is a mechanical, natural way of obtaining secretion (mucus) of mollusks through long-wave microvibrations and excitation of mollusks with ozone gas with a very high acidity of the environment.

With no water, reagents and any other chemicals usage, the Mucus pro technology secretes pure snail mucus. Moreover, the density of live unfiltered mucus is really high, more than 1.045 g / ml².

Equipment for the secretion of mollusk mucus is represented by the Bulova company in four models: “Mucus pro 2.20” and “Mucus pro 2.40”, this is the second generation of mollusk mucus extractors with simultaneous loading of 20 kg and 40 kg of snails respectively (according to Helix aspersa Maxima).

*Price: Mucus pro 2.20 – € 4800, Mucus pro 2.40 – € 8400

The third generation of mucus secretion machines: “Mucus pro 3.30P” and “Mucus pro 2.60P”

with programmed control and automatic lifting of mucus and a bigger production volume of 30 kg and 60 kilos respectively.

*Price: Mucus pro 3.30 – € 6600, Mucus pro 3.60 – € 11000

With a release of mucus of up to 22% of the snail weight loaded into a machine.

The line of all equipment for mollusk mucus secretion “Mucus pro” remains the most inexpensive in the world market with the price segment from € 4800 to € 11000, the most powerful one-time snail loading from 20 to 60 kg, the most powerful in performance (up to 22% liquid mucus from the weight of shellfish) and high-quality finished product (mucus without additives, high density with a high content of mucopolysaccharides).

To filter mucus (mind that snail mucus is a rather aggressive environment), Bulova company offers two filtration stations (Mucus filter) in two price offers (made from different grades of stainless steel: technical: AISI 430 and medical: AISI 316 (tanks: AISI 304L), equipped with a vacuum pump for enhanced fluid pumping.

*Price: € 990 and € 1600

It should be noted that any filtration certainly leads to a change in the chemical composition of a substance: a decrease in density and a decrease in the amount of all substances (useful ones too) in the filtered product.

For example, for freeze drying of mucus a deep filtration and microfiltration particularly are not desirable.

However, filtration at 0.2 µm is “conditionally sterile”; microflora simply cannot fit in. And snail mucus, as you know, is a “living product” with high microbiology. For the use of liquid mucus, preservatives are usually used (the safest: potassium sorbate or sorbic acid), their use is usually agreed with the end consumer of the product and depends on the country or deep freezing.

Still the most common product of snail mucus is a powder dried in a special way. Being a dry substance it has a long shelf life and is convenient for transportation and further processing.

Snail mucus dry powder is completely soluble in water and most solvents, is good for mixing and is convenient for further industrial use.

Snail mucus is dried with the method of lyophilization (sublimation) in special freeze dryers from a frozen state (-20°C, -40°C).

This drying method preserves all substances in the product. The most valuable biological materials (for example human blood) are dried by lyophilization.

The Bulova company offers a line of freeze dryers: “Bulova 02”, “Bulova 12” and “Bulova 300”, with different volumes of drying chambers: from 2 kg to 300 kg.

This is the most expensive way to dry product.

* The cost of Bulova freeze dryers starts from € 4000 (for the smallest “Bulova 02” model)

Bulova company is working on new technologies and fighting to reduce the cost of the finished product and equipment.

Intensively developing on the world market of equipment for a mollusk mucus processing the Bulova company offers an international project for a small farmer which is called

“MUCUS PRO:CSP”: secretion and processing of snail mucus from the customer’s snail.

It is already available in many countries of the world that you can bring your snail and get a finished product (snail mucus) at any stage of production: liquid, filtered or dry powder, not buying a product.

The product produced on the “Mucus PROfessional” equipment meets the “Mucus pro” quality standard and the composition of the mucus depends only on a type of snails and a diet of mollusks.

The quality of mucus depends not only on the method of secretion and the equipment used, but also on the snail’s diet and even the phase of the moon of mucus collection.

This way the high content of mucopolysaccharides and collagen is affected not only by the secretion technology but also by the snail’s diet, for example, Perko or some types of Pumpkin.

Surprisingly, during phases of the moon the productivity of secretion is much higher and the optical density of mucus is different. Still the mechanism of this phenomenon has not been studied yet but experienced mucus producers consider this fact.

Mollusk mucus is industrially used in the world: Helix Aspersa, Helix pomatia, Helix Lucorum, Rapana thomasiana (Rapana venosa), Achatina fulica, even Arion fuscus (Dusky Arion) and Actinia equina, and this is not a complete list of mollusks whose secret is involved in production of medicines, biological food additives and cosmetics.

Bulova’s company also produces: mills for grinding dry materials of animal origin, devices for separating the body of molluscs from the shell, tanks for peptide hydrolysis. (All rights to specialized equipment are reserved, bee venom collectors ®).

A fairly narrow market covers only about 5,000 industrial consumers in the world (cosmetics, medicines, food additives), more than 20,000 manufacturers of raw materials (raw and lyophilized mucus from snails and other molluscs), 5 manufacturers of equipment for secretion (four in Europe) but it has quite a large capital: up to 900 billion dollars a year in terms of raw materials turnover and even bigger number for finished products.

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